CampusAI Raises $10 Million in Pre-Seed Round

by Kay Aloha Villamor in June 12th, 2024

CampusAI, a Warsaw, Poland-based startup focused on creating a platform that facilitates the effective use of AI for individuals and businesses, raised $10 million in pre-seed funding. 


The round was backed by angel investor Maciej Zientara, a Founder at Supernova Group. 

CampusAI Use of Funds 

The company will use the funds to further develop its platform and expand into new markets. 

About CampusAI

Founded by Aureliusz Górski, CampusAI is building a virtual campus platform that provides an immersive and interactive learning environment for individuals and businesses interested in AI. Its platform allows users to access a virtual world where they can participate in classes, attend meetings, and build communities related to AI. CampusAI’s mission is to empower every user with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate and thrive in an AI-driven world. 

Funding Details                                                                        

Company: CampusAI Holding LLC  

Raised: $10.0M                                                           

Round: Pre-Seed Round     

Funding Month: June 2024                                                 

Investors: Maciej Zientara  

Company Website:   

Software Category: AI Training 


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