BentoML Raises $9 Million in Seed Round

by Kay Aloha Villamor in June 27th, 2023

BentoML, a San Francisco, CA-based AI development framework, raised $9 million in a seed financing round to address the challenges developers face in building AI-powered applications.

The round was led by DCM Ventures, with participation from Bow Capital. Hurst Lin, General Partner at DCM Ventures, has joined BentoML's board following the funding round.

The company aims to simplify the development of AI services by providing a high-level API that abstracts away the infrastructure details needed for running AI models on the cloud.

BentoML is an AI application framework designed to facilitate the building, shipping, and scaling of AI applications. It targets data scientists, DevOps engineers, and developers involved in training models, managing their lifecycles, and building applications on top of them.

According to Chaoyu Yang Founder & CEO of BentoML, BentoML can make AI applications production-ready in as little as two days, significantly reducing the time and effort required. The framework has been used to scale and optimize applications such as Microsoft's Visual ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion (an art generator), and open-source LLMs (large language models) on the cloud.

Company: Atalaya Tech Inc.

Raised: $9.0M

Round: Seed Round 

Funding Month: June 2023

Lead Investors: DCM Ventures

Additional Investors: Bow Capital

Company Website:

Software Category: AI Application Development Platform 

About the Company: Founded by Chaoyu Yang, BentoML is the platform for software engineers to build AI products. BentoML was open-sourced in 2019 and later introduced a self-hosted SaaS version for enterprise customers. It has gained traction through its organic growth within the developer community. Its open-source community has grown to over 3,000 members, and notable early adopters include South Korean social networking giants Line and Naver. BentoML is on a mission to empower every organization to compete and succeed with AI.


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