Raises Pre-Seed Funding Round  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in February 21st, 2023, a Mumbai and India-based first-of-its-kind interview platform powered by GPT-3 and Speech AI, raised an undisclosed amount in pre-seed funding.

The investment was from Rakesh Mathur (Founder/Chairman Gupshup, and Founder Junglee acq. by Amazon), Rishi Deshpande (Founder/CTO of Chalo, acq. by Booking), and a few HNIs.

The funds will be used to continue investing in a product-led growth model and further develop the AI/ML capabilities to deepen its technical differentiation.

Since its beta launch in Q3 2022, the company’s AI-Recruiters have conducted thousands of interviews for trial partners and customers. These include enterprises like Mahindra Holidays (travel), LG Soft (electronics), Great Learning (Ed-tech), Paramount TPA (insurance), public institutes like IIT Bombay, and fast-growing startups like SustLabs and Oorjan.

It's AI recruiters can evaluate communication skills (e.g. English-speaking skills, energy level) using proprietary deep-learning AI models. It can also evaluate technical skills and domain knowledge, by processing long-form conversations itself, thus going beyond traditional multiple-choice and coding challenges. 

Company: Babblebots, Inc.

Raised: Undisclosed

Round: pre-Seed Round

Funding Month: February 2023

Lead Investors: Rakesh Mathur and Rishi Deshpande

Additional Investors:

Company Website:

Software Category: AI Interview

About the Company: Founded in 2022 by Roli Gupta and a team of IIT Bombay Computer Science graduates, is an AI, voice-based platform that leverages speech and language understanding to tackle long-form conversations and create near-human conversational voice bots. is revolutionizing the recruitment and talent acquisition industry with its AI-Recruiters. Under the hood, Babblebots uses state-of-the-art voice technology, and conversational intelligence using proprietary AI algorithms and GPT-3 interview and assess candidates for technical and non-technical roles. The AI recruiters conduct near-human-like interviews using long-form Form Conversation voice bots in 20+ languages and are fully customizable for job roles, questions, and company branding. This reduces hours spent in scheduling, and the number of interview rounds, thus increasing the speed of hiring.


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