AutoRABIT Raises $26 Million in Series B Funding

by Kay Aloha Villamor in January 13th, 2023

AutoRABIT, a San Francisco, CA-based DevSecOps platform for optimized and streamlined salesforce application development, secured a $26 million Series B funding round from Full In Partners.

It furthered its expansion by opening a new office in Prague to act as the company's international headquarters.

"We're very excited to be able to help Salesforce developers and administrators alike in ways our competitors can't match," said Meredith Bell, CEO at AutoRABIT. "Our continued success is due to the hard work of our team, recognizing holes in the industry and addressing them directly."

AutoRABIT has injected new life into the Salesforce DevSecOps industry with exciting developments that gained continuous recognition throughout 2022. The launch of fresh, innovative tools has boosted the company's expansion and contributed to prestigious award wins.

The company is opening a global hub for the company in Central Europe and has been named a Gold Winner by the Stevie International Business Awards, shortlisted for the 2022 Summer SaaS Awards, and a finalist by the North American DevOps Awards. 

These accomplishments throughout 2022 highlight AutoRABIT's continued ability to push the Salesforce DevSecOps industry forward. These new services and expansions set the company up for a record-breaking 2023.

Company: AutoRABIT Holding, Inc.

Raised: $26.0M

Round: Series B

Funding Month: January 2023

Lead Investors: Full In Partners

Additional Investors:

Company Website:

Software Category: Continuous Integration (CI) Software

About the Company: AutoRABIT was founded in 2015 to help developers regain control of their development cycles, increase deployment velocity, and deliver value within their organizations through a continuous delivery model. AutoRABIT provides DevSecOps tools built specifically for Salesforce developers to increase release velocity, produce consistently high-quality code, and enhance data security. Its solutions work with an existing toolset to optimize Salesforce software development processes.


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