Anyscale Raises an Additional $99 Million in Series C  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in August 24th, 2022

Anyscale, a San Francisco, California-based distributed programming platform company, closed a $99 million round of funding, adding to the $100 million in Series C funding raised in December.

The round was co-led by existing investors, Addition and Intel Capital, and included participation from Foundation Capital, which was also involved in the prior round.

Along with the funding, Anyscale also unveiled some new updates to both Ray and the enterprise-ready Anyscale Compute Platform. 

Ray 2.0 notably gains the Ray AI Runtime, adding a unified runtime layer for machine learning applications and services. 

As for the Anyscale Compute Platform, it gains new capabilities, including a “Next-Generation ML Workspace” for developing and scaling machine learning applications from prototype to production, plus a preview of new capabilities around security, activity auditing, and operational monitoring and cost management.

Company: Anyscale Inc.

Raised: $99.0M

Round: Series C

Funding Month: Aug 2022

Lead Investors: Addition and Intel Capital

Additional Investors: Foundation Capital

Company Website:

Software Category: Distributed Programming 

About the Company: Founded in 2019 by Robert Nishihara, Ion Stoica, and Philipp Moritz, Anyscale is a distributed programming platform company and is the future of distributed computing. Anyscale empowers organizations to bring AI applications to production faster, reduce development costs, and eliminate the need for in-house expertise to deploy and manage these applications. Anyscale is the developer of the open-source Python framework Ray, which is used to run distributed computing projects. Ray includes both a universal serverless compute application programming interface and an expanded ecosystem of libraries. They enable developers to build scalable applications that can run on multi-cloud platforms without needing to worry about the underlying infrastructure. The company has also built the Anyscale Compute Platform, which is a managed version of the Ray platform that makes it more accessible to enterprises who’re willing to pay for the privilege.


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