Andgo Systems Raises $5.6 Million in Series A  

by Kay Aloha Villamor in September 20th, 2022

Andgo Systems (Andgo), a Saskatoon, Canada-based leading provider of intelligent workflow automation solutions for dynamic absence onboarding, shift filling, and vacation mapping, announced that it raised $5.6 million CAD in Series A funding. 

The round was co-led by First Ascent Ventures and Waterline Ventures, based out of Toronto and Boston, respectively.

"This funding will help Andgo address the far-reaching shift filling challenges that organizations are facing," said Tom Ross, Co-Founder, and CEO of Andgo Systems. "Andgo is positioned as the category leader in driving intelligent shift fill automation in complex industries with unique staffing challenges, such as healthcare and manufacturing. We focus significant effort on providing flexible tools to make the lives of nurses and other frontline employees easier."

The new funding will accelerate the growth of Andgo's market-leading workflow automation solutions for dynamic absence onboarding, shift filling, and vacation mapping in complex, high-volume industries.

Andgo provides transformational intelligent automation for organizations in industries with complex requirements such as onboarding employee absences, filling vacant shifts, and annual vacation selection and awarding (such as healthcare). Andgo's suite automates what were previously highly manual, time-consuming processes from start to finish. Customers of Andgo gain actionable insights, allowing them to fill more shifts more accurately and quickly.

Company: Andgo Systems

Raised: $5.6M

Round: Series A

Funding Month: September 2022

Lead Investors: First Ascent Ventures and Waterline Ventures

Additional Investors: 

Company Website:

Software Category: Workflow Automation Solutions

About the Company: Founded in 2014, Andgo offers a complete end-to-end solution perfect for complex, high-volume scheduling environments. Its platform is available as a full suite or à la carte and fully integrates into our customers' scheduling environment. Andgo's intelligent workflow automation suite fills more shifts faster with the right people. Our holistic, end-to-end approach drives significant ROI to our customers, particularly in high-volume scheduling environments. Andgo's mission is to improve the lives of both its customers and employees. The company has seen strong momentum, adding new customers across North America in major healthcare organizations. A growing Andgo team will allow the company to meet demand, as organizations race to modernize their approach to deal with scheduling challenges such as shrinking budgets, staffing shortages, and employee satisfaction/retention. Andgo Systems is headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


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