Aiz Entertainment Secures KRW 6B in Funding

by Kay Aloha Villamor in May 3rd, 2024

Aiz Entertainment, a South Korea-based startup specializing in AI-based entertainment content, has secured an additional KRW 6 billion in seed funding.  


The investment was from LB Investment and Stonebridge Ventures. It completes a seed investment round totaling KRW 16 billion.

Founded in 1996, LB Investment is a venture capital firm based in Seoul, South Korea, with an additional office in Shanghai. The firm invests in diverse industries ranging from technology and content to Bio and healthcare in Korean and China-based companies.  

Stonebridge Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Seoul, South Korea. The firm invests in seed to late-stage technology companies across the consumer, enterprise, bio/healthcare, and fintech spaces. Founded in 2017, Stonebridge Ventures has AUM KRW 600B across multiple funds.  

Aiz Entertainment Use of Funds  

The company will use the funding to materialize its AI-based entertainment services currently in development. It will support the exploration of new business models and contribute positively to the entertainment industry.  

About Aiz Entertainment  

Established in November last year, Aiz Entertainment is a company that develops entertainment content based on artificial intelligence (AI). The company aims to pioneer a new entertainment culture in the AI era. They utilize AI technology to connect users with personalized content, foster fandoms, and introduce interactive entertainment experiences. Their focus includes leveraging AI to create new opportunities in the K-pop industry, expanding traditional entertainment markets, and fostering cultural trends, showcasing the potential of K-pop and K-culture in the AI era.  

Funding Details  

Company: Aiz Entertainment Corp.  

Raised: KRW 6.0B  

Round: Seed Round  

Funding Month: May 2024  

Additional Investors: LB Investment, Stonebridge Ventures  

Company Website:  

Software Category: AI Content Platform  


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