Aikido Security Raises €5 Million in Seed Round 

by Kay Aloha Villamor in November 15th, 2023

Aikido Security, a Ghent, Belgium-based developer-first software security app for growing SaaS companies, has raised €5 million in seed funding.

SaaS Investors

The round was co-led by Notion Capital and Connect Ventures. Other investors include Inovia Capital Precede Fund I, led by partners Raif Jacobs and former Google CFO Patrick Pichette, along with an array of angel investors, including Christina Cacioppo, CEO of Vanta.

Notion is an entrepreneur-led venture capital firm that focuses on high-potential businesses in the Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) markets. It is an early-stage venture fund that focuses mainly on technology and cloud computing markets. 

Founded in 2011, Connect Ventures is a venture capital investment firm based in London, United Kingdom, that invests at the seed and pre-seed stages, with initial investments at the $150,000 to $2.5 million mark. The firm prefers to invest in B2B, SaaS, fintech, consumer software, and digital health sectors.

Aikido Use of Funds

The funds will be used to enhance the user experience and auto-triaging capabilities while expanding internationally. The company has achieved over 1,000 installs in its first year and has saved over 1,500 developer working days.

About Aikido Security

Founded by Willem Delbare, Roeland Delrue, and Felix Garriau, Aikido Security is a developer-centric software security platform. It scans your source code & cloud to show you which vulnerabilities are actually important to solve and speed up triaging by massively reducing false positives and making CVEs human-readable. Aikido Security aims to revolutionize security solutions for growing SaaS businesses by offering an all-in-one platform that consolidates multiple aspects of application security into a single tool.

Funding Details

Company: Aikido Security BV

Raised: €5.0M

Round: Seed Round

Funding Month: November 2023

Lead Investors: Notion Capital and Connect Ventures

Additional Investors: Inovia Capital Precede Fund I, Christina Cacioppo

Company Website:

Software Category: Security Solutions


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